Anonymous asked:
I'm honestly so disappointed with Newt's actor, he's my favorite character and I pictures him really really differently



I respect your opinion and everything but… you’re wrong! :P

I flIPPED but okay listen here anon: tbs is the most incredible, dedicated and adaptable actor I’ve ever come across. He excels in every role he plays, always perfectly captures the character. In every role I’ve ever seen him play. He’s incredible.

now hear this I am a level 100 Newt stan I will defend my boy to the death and accept nothing less than perfection for him. In appearance I guess tbs wasn’t exactly how I pictured Newt. But in film you can’t go off appearance only; you will never get actors who always look exactly like your image of a character, and tbs wasn’t outrageously far off like in SOME book>film adaptations I’ve seen.

tbs is an incredible actor okay, and regardless of how you imagined Newt when reading the book, when you watch the film you will see him as Newt. Like with every character I’ve ever seen him play he captures the character’s essence perfectly and all I can say is wait until you’ve seen the film because you will not be thinking that any more mmkay? You will not be disappointed. tbs is an acting genius

Thomas Brodie Sangster and Ki Hong Lee on set


One by one, they leave their mark.


 New Official TV Spot #4

There’s a lot of new footage/dialogue.

Game of Thrones Parody sung at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. (x)

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Cutest men alive!

Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster  at The Maze Runner Fan Screening in Los Angeles